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“what can I do for peace?

We can certainly pray, but not only: each one can concretely say “no” to violence on his or her own behalf. Because the victories obtained through violence are false victories, whereas working for peace is good for everyone”. (Pope Francis, Angelus, 4 February 2018)

A Gen 4 asked this same question to Chiara Lubich in the first Gen 4 congress in 1988. Chiara answered: “for peace: before all else you need to have peace within. (…) Then organize all the possible activities for a united world, because a united world is always in peace. And then pray for peace”.


Then in 1996: “Chiara, why there’s no peace? What can we, Gen 4, do?” “(…) there’s no peace on earth because people don’t know love, they don’t know love, that’s why they don’t make peace (…) instead, if they knew love, they would love each other and peace would come right away. That’s why, all of us who know love, you Gen 4 who know how to make acts of love, you should do everything you can to make these acts of love, only then you can bring love to the world, and peace would come”. 


The Gen 4 all over the world are trying to “bring love to the world”… and with love “peace would come”:

One day I rolled the “cube of love” and the side that came out was “love your enemy”. I immediately thought of one of my classmates who hits me during the break, and I thought that it’s going to be difficult to live this sentence with her, but I wanted to give it a try. A couple of days later, I came back home happy:  when I got to my classroom that day, I sat beside that classmate that was somehow my “enemy”, and I gave her a kiss telling her: “now we are friends”. (Valentina, Brazil)

One day Stoyan and Nikol from Hungary were playing along with other kids divided into 2 groups. At a certain point, the 2 groups started throwing stones on each other. Stayan and Nikol remembered that in the morning the cube suggested that they should “love one another”. They stopped right away, they ended the “game” and said sorry to the other group. Afterwards, they formed two soccer teams and they all played together.


… together with them many other kids, boys and girls live this way… like for example those who are part of Living Peace project (http://livingpeaceinternational.org). Each year, The Universal Circle of Ambassadors for Peace (in Geneva), nominates some of them: “Little Ambassadors of Peace”:

Mia Stankovski and Matija Borcic are two kids who go to Raggio di Sole school in Mariapolis Farro (Croatia). This school is part of the Living Peace project. The other kids at the school along with their teachers have chosen them to be nominated “Little Ambassadors of Peace” for these reasons:

“when someone gets hurt, Mia runs immediately to that person to console them”. (Anica)

“she doesn’t get angry when others don’t agree with her ideas”. (Jana)

“Mia is calm and peaceful among the other kids. She’s a good friend, she knows how to share and she helps everyone anytime and without creating differences. She helps above all those who are in difficulty. (Sladana, a teacher)

“When we fought one day, Matija apologized to me and peace came back between us. Once I fell down on the ground and he immediately ran towards me to ask if I was ok”. (Vito)

“He’s my best friend, he’s very sweet and he always shares with everyone whatever he brings with him from home. He often helps me clean up and draw”. (Jakov)

… we are many, but now we want to share this with many many many others, and get to….

“Thousands of Kids for Peace”

Would you like to help us too?

  • live like Mary who always loved everybody

  • discover again, each day, how to love (roll the cube of love each morning) and explain it to other kids, and not only!

  • use and introduce the cube of peace to others, this cube reminds us that to build peace, we should know how to forgive in order to start to love again…

  • and pray for peace (alone, with family, at school…) every single day, but in a special way, as Pope Francis asked us to do,

Next Friday, the 23rd of February

  • together, all over the world, we will be praying for peace in all places where there is no peace, specially for two African countries: The Democratic Republic of Congo and Southern Sudan.

… and if you want to share with us how it went, how many you are, what you did in order to live and pray for peace with friends, classmates, at school, in catechism classes, at the grocery store, at the park, anywhere… write to us below!

It would be great to get to know how much love these kids for peace have brought to the world!

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