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Walking with Jesus towards the Easter of Resurrection

Hello! We are approaching a week so special that it is called 

Holy Week

If you want you can download, color and build a beautiful Lapbook which will help you to follow and to live with more love these days.

Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday: Jesus arrives in Jerusalem, the city of the great Temple (the House of God). Everybody welcomes him with joy, waving branches of olive and palm trees, celebrating him with a feast like a great king, and they say: "Hosanna, Hosanna to the Son of David!"

The crowd is so enthusiastic ... but why? .... may be Jesus is really a powerful King?

Pay attention to what happens in the following days. Holy Thursday was already a day of celebration because it reminded everyone of God's love for his people. Jesus too wants to have a party with his friends, the disciples, and they have dinner together. But Jesus, who was their Teacher, during this dinner in every way possible, makes them understand that the only important thing is to love. Jesus gives the world the Eucharist (to be able to remain on all points of the earth, even when He would have returned to Heaven from His Heavenly Father) and then, He the Master gets to wash the feet of his disciples!

And here we are on Good Friday: Jesus loved us so much that he also wanted to experience all the pain of the world, so much so as to give His life for us. How much pain has Jesus suffered !!!! But, until the end, he continued to trust in 

God his Father.

It was something so great and terrible that the all-day of Holy Saturday there is silence and waiting. Is it possible that everything is finished like this? No! 

Jesus had promised us: after three days, here's the unexpected event:

Jesus is Risen! Jesus is truly the most powerful King of all!

True love wins everything!

Happy Easter of Resurrection!

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