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In 1998 during a meeting with some children from all over the world, Chiara Lubich responds to a question which they pose to her:
“I want to become like Jesus. How can I do it?” Chiara made them discover the art of loving, the art of living love that’s revealed in the Gospel, namely:

 1amare-tuttiLove everyone,

love every person who passes us by, one at a time!
Click here to find out how to do it:    story 1     

1amare-per-primoBe the first to love

like Jesus who came on earth out of love for us! Let’s not wait for others to do something good for us but let us love them first, and when we forget to do so we can always start again!
Click here to find out how to do it:    story 1      

1vedere-GesùLove Jesus in others 

He said: «Whatever you do to the least… you do to me». When we do something good to someone, even when it is difficult to love, let us immediately think that in that person, big or small, there is Jesus.
For those who do not yet know Jesus, it’s enough to know that something good exists in each person. You can try it yourself: the more I believe in the other person’s goodness, the more do I get to discover it.
Click here to find out how to do it:    story 1      story 2     story 3 

1amare-come-seLove others as yourself

do to others what you would want them to do to you! We can therefore ask ourselves how we would like to be loved, and then let us do something good to our neighbor precisely in that way.
Click here to find out how to do it:    story 1      story 2     story 3

1Amarsi-a-vicendaLove one another reciprocally

If we love one another, Jesus will be present with his love and he will give us so much joy in our heart.

 story 1  

1amare-il-nemicoLove your enemy

as the sun shines on both the good and the bad, we can also love someone who is disagreeable or who treats us unkindly; sooner or later, we will discover that the other person will change.   Later on, we can share to all the children present these six points written on the sides of a cube, the “Cube of Love!”   story 1  

 The cube of love has now reached the whole world.

Click here to find out how to do it: download: the CUBE of Love B&W - the CUBE of Love color 

Do you want to try it too? It’s simple! 

 Take the cube and throw it. Read what is written and try to put it in practice during the day. You don’t have the cube? You can download it here: the Cube of love.You will find  two cubes: a colored one and another one that still needs to be colored.The cube B&W. Perhaps you like more the one that still needs to be colored?  How many small and big adventures we can live when we throw the cube of love!  

You can use it in other ways: throw the cube and look at the picture, then tell what you see by inventing a story. Tell a friend or a classmate about the cube and throw it together…                   Do you want to know other adventures made by children throughout the world? You can find them in the book “The Cube of Love, The Right Way to Start Your Day” by Living City:The cube of love . Then, every month, we publish something that we call the Word of Life.
You can always find it in the website gen4.focolare.org. When you live a beautiful experience, you can draw or write it down and send it at this address:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .Then, every month, we publish something that we call the Word of Life. You can always find it in the website gen4.focolare.org. 
Do you know that there are many projects related to the cube of love that have been born? Here are some of them:

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