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This cube is unlike the usual cube which is used in games and in order to win. Instead, this one is different! Its sides have designs and phrases which can give you special joy, transform the world around you, and make many happy. 
Do you know that there’s a rule which many religions recognize? It’s the Golden Rule and it says: “Do not do to others what you would not want them to do to you.” In Christianity, Jesus is inviting us to love others.

 How can we, children, do it? For example: saying “Good morning”, sharing our toy, or giving our pen. Chiara Lubich was a great friend of Jesus and also of many children all over the world. One day, as she was speaking to them, she said: «The world needs happiness, and so it searches for it here and there. It searches for happiness in television, in films, in dances... it searches for happiness in the things of the world, even in drugs. You search for happiness too because you are like the others and the world searches for happiness. So you must give true happiness to the world. There are also little things that make us happy. For example, when someone gives you a toy, you are happy. When someone gives you sweets, you are happy, but it is a short-lived happiness; it doesn’t last very long. Do you know what true happiness is? It’s the happiness that someone has when they love and love and love. Try it! When you love, you are happy. When you love, you are happy and if you love always, you are happy always. What can you do in the world? You can give happiness. Teach people to love. Who can you teach? Your little sisters and brothers, your Mum and Dad, your friends, all the other children you know».  


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