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The project “Bring back to Jesus” 2018 has started!

There are still three months until Christmas and the gen4 are already preparing it! In many parts of the world the children of the Focolare Movement are beginning to organize the project  "Bring Jesus back to Christmas".

Download here the poster to make the initiative and the destination of the contributions that can be collected through it, known.

Inspired by the words of Pope Francis, in his speech at Christmas last year - "May our hearts not be as closes as the houses of Bethlehem were" (Pope Francis, Vatican, 12.25.2017) - the gen4 invite everyone to "open the heart " to welcome of all those who are not welcomed and suffer because of the lack of peace, of justice, because they have no home, because they are forced to leave their land ...

The goal of this project, which started in 1996 and is repeated every year since then, is to bring to Christmas its true meaning: Jesus who is born for every person, Jesus who comes for us ... and who is not accepted, yesterday as today. The children make plaster little statues of the Baby Jesus and offer them on the street. The contributions collected are then used for the most needy.

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Download this file (Poster HsG 2018 en.jpg)Poster HsG 2018 en.jpg[ ]8052 kB
Download this file (Project HsG en.pdf)Project HsG en.pdf[ ]100 kB

Would you like to learn how to make a Baby Jesus?

PreparareGBHello everyone!

Some years have passed now since Chiara Lubich looked at the shop windows in a big city and said: “This rich world has captured Christmas and all that surrounds it, and has evicted Jesus!”That's why we Gen 4 all over the world have decided to make lots of little plaster models of Baby Jesus in a little manger.  We wrap them up in cellophane and offer them to people so they can take Jesus home with them, and that way, Jesus returns to the heart of Christmas.

Would you like to learn how to make a Baby Jesus?
Why don't you get together with all your friends! Have a great time!

Meditation Jesus has been left out!

Christmas is getting nearer!

hanno-sloggiato-GesuIt loves the poetry, the atmosphere, the friendship that Christmas brings, the gifts it suggests, the lights, the stars, the songs. Let us, at least in our own homes, shout out Who is born, celebrating His coming as never before!

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“Jesus has been left out”

Jesus gave himself to us, and so we also want to give ourselves to others!PosterHSG 2014

For the children who are suffering from hunger and sickness in Africa: from Sierra Leone and the Central African Republic

The project called “Jesus has been left out”, wants to bring Jesus back to the centre of Christmas. The project stared from an article that Chiara Lubich wrote where she told her experience of a time when she was walking down a street in Zurich. The windows were all displaying Christmas decorations but none of them had anything showing what Christmas was really about. The money raised from this Project each year is sent to those most in need.

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A letter to all the Gen 4 in the world!

The gen 4 girls and boys of Syria send us all a letter of thanks

incontro alleppo giugno 2013 copyWe thank you whit all our hearts, you and all the other Gen4 in the world.
"we know that God loves us so much and we feel his love with us even though life is hard and we hear a lot of bombings and many times we are afraid.
We continue to love and do many beautiful experiences. We also pray every day for peace in our country and around the world.
Thank you for your love, your concrete help which is so important and for your prayers for peace.
We greet you with all my heart and continue to love all thogether with the love that Jesus puts us in our heart."
A big hug for all the gen 4 of Syria.

They have left Jesus homeless


Merry Christmas , Happy New Year ! were our  words full of love with which we, Gen4  greeted the passers-bys busy with the last minute Christmas shopping ...

Again this year we  launched the Gen4 activity "They have left Jesus homeless." Where? In many of the squares of our cities, in front of shops and supermarkets, in churches, in communities, everywhere! We even went in the cave of Bethlehem to thank all the children of the world who live , pray and work for peace ! Right there, where the star that marks the spot where Jesus was born! A very meaningful moment !

1It's been several years since Chiara Lubich, observing the magnificence of the windows of a big city , wrote : "The rich in the world are hooked up on Christmas and all its trimmings and have left Jesus homeless ... But what about Jesus ... At least, all our homes should cry out ‘Who was born’ , celebrating it like never before”. And so we did!

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They’ve left Jesus homeless

G4 Natale 11 copyAt Christmas time, the gen 4 make little statues of baby Jesus and offer them for free to the people on the streets of their cities. They want to bring the Baby back to the center stage of Christmas. During this activity, which they call “They’ve left Jesus homeless”, the gen 4 also collect money and put it into a fund for needy children.

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