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International Children’s Day

siria Vat2And remarking on the upcoming International Children’s Day, Pope Francis said that it will be particularly significant for Christian communities in Syria where Catholics and Orthodox will hold a special prayer for peace, in which children will be the protagonists.“Syrian children invite children of the world to join them in their prayer for peace” he said.

 Fonte: Radio Vaticana

Who is Mary?

Chiara Lubich answers questions from the youngest members of the Focolare Movement about Mary.

Maria-e-fioriPlease tell me about Mary. What was she like?

Mary was so very beautiful. She was beautiful to look at, her lovely face, the way she moved; and she was very beautiful inside, too, in her soul. As you know, all of us, when we are born, we are not that perfect because we are marked by originl sin. We inherited it from Adam and Eve, and it's like a stain, wich is why we need to be baptized and we need our belief in God in order to be made clean. Mary didn't need any of this, because she was already perfect and entirely beautiful when she was born. She was immaculate, and so very beautiful. God chose her because she was to become the Mother of Jesus. When she was still a little child, when she was your age, she went to the temple where she gave her life to God, saying, " I am all your, forever".                          

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little children BIG hearts

BIG-INGLESE 2014 04-06 aprile-giugno WEB-1 BIG is a magazine for all children who are happy to discover the world and the positive things about it! IT can be read together with the whole family or shared with friends. You can invite your friends and classmates to subscribe to it, too!  Big Magazine is published by the Focolare Movement Women's Branch, Inc, a non-profit organization. Write to us at P.O.Box 70192 Houston, TX 77270 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Tite Life

Tite2 300x200Tite is a gen 4 from Congo. He was born in Kinshasa in 1995. When he was 4 years old his mother died! He and Vouloir his brother of 6 months old went to live with their aunt Christine who is part of the Focolare Movement.

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Gen 4 around the world


We are the Gen 4 from Myanmar!

Our country is in Asia… no! Actually, it is located in Indonesia!
In the pictures, you can see us during one of our Gen 4 meetings. We all love going to this bridge to look at the fish! We love one another very much!
facciamo-un-pattoWe made the pact to love one another always!
Look at us during the Christmas Party 2013! We invited many friends and some of then were a little bit older than we were – they have the same age as the Gen 3.

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The Gen4 House

caseta-gen4 1Jorge tells the other Gen4 : "Why don’t we build a house ? ... GEN4  CLUB! Everyone is happy and starts to work .
Some go to Conchita’s mum to get a large sheet to form the roof.
Carmen brings some drinking water for those who are thirsty : amongst us all there is great love.
Two girls and a little boy walk towards the house , which is slowly coming to life and start to help.

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The love that goes out and comes back !

foto-1Chiara’ and her first companions together pledged to love every person they met and they had a special preference for the poor. Once an unexpected thing happened: love  that they would give, came back to them in the most unexpected way.
Giosi tells us that once a lady rang the doorbell of the first focolare asking for something to eat.
Giosi welcomed her and seeing Jesus in her, gave her an egg.
But her friend was not happy with that : that was their lunch ... all they had!

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Papa Francesco , who wants the best for children !

Papa-Francesco-2Some time ago, Emmaus and Giancarlo were invited by Pope Francis. They took a huge album with many photos and when Emmaus opened it , the Pope stood up and began to look with great interest . There were also photos of Gen 4 and that at Christmas take baby Jesus to the people. The Pope looked at them and he was very happy !
Then they handed him a basket of dates and told him of their visit to Jordan(a town near Syria ) They also told him how the entire movement lives for peace. The Pope was very happy  because you know, he has asked everyone to pray for peace in Syria.
He was also told that young people there had organized a concert for peace!  
When they were in Jordan , Emmaus and Giancarlo also met with the Gen 4 - it was a very beautiful meeting !

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