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We are the Gen 4 from Myanmar!

Our country is in Asia… no! Actually, it is located in Indonesia!
In the pictures, you can see us during one of our Gen 4 meetings. We all love going to this bridge to look at the fish! We love one another very much!
facciamo-un-pattoWe made the pact to love one another always!
Look at us during the Christmas Party 2013! We invited many friends and some of then were a little bit older than we were – they have the same age as the Gen 3.

GiocoThe party was about the “Art of Loving” and we really helped one another.   For example, in one of the games, there was a big pile with all of our shoes, and we had to find very fast a pair of shoes for our friends!
Play with us!
In Indonesia, there are many beautiful islands!
Do you want to learn one of our games?
First, we divide ourselves into groups. Each group lives in a small island and there is a tag on the floor with the names of each island.
In these islands, the inhabitants love one another. Therefore, to get to know the inhabitants better and to demonstrate that we also love one another, we have to shake each other’s hands.
Then, one of us, who we named “Mr. Zunami”, says aloud “Watch out! Water!” In the moment “Mr Zunami says it, we all have to run and move to another island… and sometimes it happens that we welcome other people in our island. Even if we get to be very tight in the small space, we always welcome each other.

We had so much fun playing this game!!

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