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Chiara Lubich answers questions from the youngest members of the Focolare Movement about Mary.

Maria-e-fioriPlease tell me about Mary. What was she like?

Mary was so very beautiful. She was beautiful to look at, her lovely face, the way she moved; and she was very beautiful inside, too, in her soul. As you know, all of us, when we are born, we are not that perfect because we are marked by originl sin. We inherited it from Adam and Eve, and it's like a stain, wich is why we need to be baptized and we need our belief in God in order to be made clean. Mary didn't need any of this, because she was already perfect and entirely beautiful when she was born. She was immaculate, and so very beautiful. God chose her because she was to become the Mother of Jesus. When she was still a little child, when she was your age, she went to the temple where she gave her life to God, saying, " I am all your, forever".                          


What comes to your mind when you think of Mary?

Mary is my model because she always did the will of God an I want to do it, too. She gave baby Jesus to the world and I want to help bring Jesus in our midst spiritually. Yet he is still the same Jesus. Mary loves everyone and I want to love, too. this is why we started a Movement to help bring about a united world - in order to love everyone, everyone, everyone.

Was Mary a Gen 4?

Mary was a very beautiful Gen 4! Do you know why? When we are born, we all have a mark which is like a stain on our soul that wue must wash clean through baptism. We inherited that stain from Adam and Eve, you may already know this from your catechism lessons. But Mary never had that stain. She was immaculate, a real splendor because God had prepared her to become the mother of Jesus. So, when she was a baby, she was a very special baby because she didn't even need baptism. And then tradition tell us that when she was four years old she went to the temple. When she was 4, like you, she went to the temple and offered her life to God. She said to God, "I want to do your will. I want you to be first in my life". She was a very special Gen 4!


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