Thousands of kids for peace (February 2018)

“what can I do for peace?

We can certainly pray, but not only: each one can concretely say “no” to violence on his or her own behalf. Because the victories obtained through violence are false victories, whereas working for peace is good for everyone”. (Pope Francis, Angelus, 4 February 2018)

A Gen 4 asked this same question to Chiara Lubich in the first Gen 4 congress in 1988. Chiara answered: “for peace: before all else you need to have peace within. (…) Then organize all the possible activities for a united world, because a united world is always in peace. And then pray for peace”.

Then in 1996: “Chiara, why there’s no peace? What can we, Gen 4, do?” “(…) there’s no peace on earth because people don’t know love, they don’t know love, that’s why they don’t make peace (…) instead, if they knew love, they would love each other and peace would come right away. That’s why, all of us who know love, you Gen 4 who know how to make acts of love, you should do everything you can to make these acts of love, only then you can bring love to the world, and peace would come”.

The Gen 4 all over the world are trying to

“bring love to the world”…

and with love “peace would come”...

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