06_Today, I discovered heaven: Module n.6

06_Today, I discovered heaven: Module n.6

All of us can live the law of heaven

A) For the assistants. Ideas from Chiara’s themes: Each man has a relationship with God – Praying is pleasing for man.

  • Already in 1981, speaking to Buddhist members of the Rissho Kosei Kai in a talk mentioned also in other modules, Chiara, after having spoken about the spreading of the Movement “among Catholics of almost all the nations of the world,” and “in Christian churches of other traditions,” then continued in this way: “[…] And since in the world one often encounters brothers of other faiths, one makes a wonderful experience. Every man, shaped in the image of God, has the possibility of a certain personal relationship with him.  It is rather his being man that leads him to this communion.  Here, then, are the various affinities that we ascertain among our religion and the others that exist today.  And these affinities, which we also find in you, dearest brothers and sisters, which allow us to walk side by side, for the Holy Journey of life towards the Goal, which awaits us, and to collaborate, united, for the good of humanity. […]”   [1]
  • In 1999, she would repeat the same concept to the Muslims: “That it is pleasing for man to pray, this is also understood in our contact with our brothers of other religions.  One discovers in them profound experiences of prayer, which testify to a secret but effective action of God which pushes man to pray. […]” [2]

B) Objectives of the Gen 4 Meeting

- To discover the universality of the relationship with God and its importance for every man.

- To discover that the “secrets of the dice of love” can be lived by all humanity because everyone can share the “Golden Rule”

C) Gen 4 Meeting Content: drops of light with life experiences and with the Sacred Scriptures

-Gen 4 Experience (taken from the second part of the video: Chiara and us Gen 4)

The secrets of love that unite everyone in the world: the Golden Rule

Narrator: Markus lives in a city in Germany and has many friends. Among them is Yasir, a Muslim boy. Just this afternoon they decided to go to the park to play. They are always happy together because they have discovered that they have many beautiful things to share.

Today it was Yasir who stopped for a moment and said:

Yasir: “Do you know that I pray five times a day?!”

Narrator: Markus listened attentively and remembered that with the Gen 4 they had decided that before doing anything, they would say: “For you, Jesus.” So he told Yasir:

Markus: “I always pray, too.”

Narrator: The two of them looked at each other happily and went on playing.

Yasir does not know the Gospel, but he has the Qur’an, the holy book of Muslims. When Markus went to Yasir’s house, he found out that they too try to help each other in the family and to love the people they meet. There is love among all!

Narrator: Like Markus and Yasir, many children of different religions live the secrets of the cube of love as they find them written in their Sacred Books, and are more attentive and able to discover many beautiful things that they can live together and really become true friends.

Indeed, at the center of the sacred books of many religions is love, like a wise law that is called the “Golden Rule”: there are many different ways of saying the same thing. Here are some of them:

In the Gospel, Jesus said: “Do to others as you would have them do to you” "[3]

An important text for the Jews: “Do to no one what you yourself dislike”  [4]

And an ancient Muslim book says: “None of you are true believers until you wish for your neighbor what you wish for yourself”[5]

Buddha said to his monks: “Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful”  [6]

In a Holy Book of Hindus we read: “Do not do to others that which would cause you pain if done to you” [7]

Sacred Scriptures:

Episode of the Good Samaritan: when one listens to the good voice of the heart, everyone is capable of loving (Attachment C2)


D) Ideas and other material for the conduct of the meeting: Attachments D



[1] C. Lubich, Tokyo (Japan), December 28, 1981, to the members of Rissho Kosei Kai, "La mia esperienza spirituale".

[2] C. Lubich, Castel Gandolfo, October 25, 1999,  meeting of Muslim friends, “La preghiera, la meditazione e l'unione con Dio”.

[3] See Lk 6:31

[4] See Tb 4:15

[5] See Hadith 13, Al Bukhari

[6] See The Buddha, Udana-Varga 5.18

[7] See Mahabharata 5: 1517

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