United World Week 2020 / MasterPeace to become Superheroes of Peace

United World Week 2020 / MasterPeace to become Superheroes of Peace

“In Time for Peace”

Within the United World Project, as the climax of the Pathway of Human Rights, Peace, Legality and Justice, the United World Week 2020 entitled "In Time for Peace" was held from May 1 to 7, 2020.


There were many events and initiatives promoted also by the youngest members of the Movement to raise awareness in themselves and in their peers, and not only of the values of peace, solidarity, justice, brotherhood....

Here are some examples:

In IRELAND, the children made a commitment for each day of the week: 1) to discover 5 things for which one is grateful; 2) to help someone in the family; 3) to make a surprise to a neighbor; 4) to phone someone who is lonely; 5) to save light and water; 6) to give someone a smile; 7) to commit to continue concrete actions of hope and peace (see attachment 1).

In HOLLAND, a big feast of peace via Zoom, where the children together with their parents, shared drawings of doves with a write up on the meaning of peace for each one of them (see attachment 2).

In BRAZIL, another link via Zoom in 74 places. A proposal was made to everyone to remember daily the Time out for peace at 12 noon, by making a clock that indicates 12 o'clock (see attachment 3) and a thermometer to measure the "temperature of love" where one can put inside the acts of love to build peace.

Other proposals for each day of the United World Week in French (BURUNDI-FRANCE) and English (NIGERIA) (see attachments 4-5):

In ALBANIA, many ideas to bring peace in all environments: to love and respect all friends, without having preferences; to give a smile not only to friends but to the whole class and the whole world; and not to insult but to respect. "One day for example - says Alida, 8 years old - I had a small quarrel with a friend and as a sign of love and respect I gave him a book, although I do not think it was my fault".

MASTER PEACE: and now the commitment continues to become experts of those values that are at the basis of a more humane, fraternal, peaceful world, with a "special school" to take the Master Peace diploma and become Superheroes of Peace. It is a small pathway that can be taken together as a family.

Why Master Peace? Because we believe that a true future of peace is built starting from the little ones, who can be true protagonists of change. (see attachment 6)

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