the “culture of giving and sharing”

“Gratuitousness is fundamental in life. It can even become a true and real art. When the art of gratuitousness is learned in infancy then it is easier for it to become culture, the culture of giving. It is therefore really possible to start hoping for a more just world, a world of peace, of communion” (L. Bruni, in C.Heinsdorff – M.Bolkart, The happiness of giving, Città Nuova, Rome, 2005, back cover)

The gen4 formation program, taking place within the communities of the Focolare Movement, contains elements that can facilitate the acquisition of these values.

Feeling part of a large family, of planetary dimension, helps the child to become aware of the other = no longer a stranger but a brother or sister. 

As the gen4 experiences firsthand the beauty of being loved “freely”, selflessly, he/she discovers the joy and the possibility of sharing what he/she has with his/her friends and not only with them.

It is the experience of Chiara Lubich from the beginning of the Movement: from the discovery of God as Love to living the communion of goods, like the first Christians, where no one was in need because of the mutual love they lived.

But what to share and with whom? 

Answering the question of a gen4 from Korea (“Chiara, you teach us to always give, without measure. But I do not have so many things to give. What can I do?) Lubich greatly expands the horizon of” giving “. There is no one who does not have something to give: some help, a smile, time to listen, joy, sharing a snack …

The “culture of giving and sharing”, which wants to be a gen4 lifestyle is therefore not only attention to those most in need in the material sense, but it is to value everything we have as “gift”, as “personal wealth” in terms of talents, knowledge , ability to help any person passing by.

In fact Chiara  wrote to them: 

“If one loves, one gives. If the other loves, he/she gives. If everyone loves, everything is shared in common.” 

This is how the Gen4 live.” 

( C.Lubich, in Gen4, n. 5-6 May-June 1985, p.4)

Try to give something to Jesus in your brothers and sisters, and you will receive” 

 ( C.Lubich, in Gen4, n. 1 January 1981, p.5)