The art of loving and the “cube”

Growing in a harmonious way means giving space to all the dimensions of the human person: personal and interpersonal; social and global; spiritual. The facets of evangelical love (loving others as oneself – loving everyone – loving the enemy – loving each other – loving Jesus in the other – be the first to love ), defined by Chiara Lubich, “art of loving”, lead indeed to global growth of the person in all his dimensions.

It is the experience made during all these years within the Movement; not only since 1998 when Chiara Lubich, speaking to the children of the Art of Love, gave them a “cube”, a special dice, where on every face one of those phrases of evangelical love is reported: from that moment on then it has been known as “Cube ( or dice) of love”

Starting from this simple “game” (throwing the “dice” every morning, seeing which face comes out and trying to live that sentence all day long) children of all latitudes have engaged in a constant, daily exercise to bring love and peace among friends, in the family, where they are

Love and peace, yes, because the evangelical phrases of the Art of loving are declinations of the “Golden Rule”, which in the Gospel is expressed as follows: “Everything you expect from others, do it for them too ! “(Mt.7,12), but which is present in the sacred texts of the main religions, and can be lived in a truly universal way!

Over the years there have been many variations of the sentences written on the faces of the dice, different variations but with the same purpose: to contribute to a more fraternal, fair and supportive world.

And the dice has had a wide diffusion not only among children, but also among young people, youth, and adults, arriving quickly in many Countries of the world and in different contexts: in schools, in parishes, associations for children, becoming a tool to play and to live at the same time.

From the Gen4 “Cube of love” many projects have started: 

for the building of peace the Cube of Peace:

to bring true values in sports the Cube of sport of Sport4peace:

for the defense of nature, the earth cube