how we live

A gen4 is one that has in his heart to take care of others, one that takes others into consideration”; “One who helps people”; “Who loves Jesus and always wants to love” … these are just some of the expressions with which some Focolare children, boys and girls, from various countries of the world explain what it means to be gen4.

In children, since a characteristic of their age is to be immediate, the relationship with God is expressed with facts: the experiences they live and share are precisely the way of communicating, and making their spiritual reality known.

Here below are some examples of the life lived by children around the world who have grasped the “heart” of Chiara Lubich’s spirituality, summarized for them in these words:

“Love, Love, Love always. At the end of each day be able to say: I have always loved.” (C.Lubich, in Gen4, n.3 october 1978, before the cover)