how we live

“A Gen 4 is a child who wants to love others and is considerate of each person.” “A Gen 4 helps other people”; “A Gen 4 loves Jesus and always tries to love others.” These are examples of how children from various countries describe what is means to be a Gen 4.

Since children are very straightforward, they express their relationship with God in concrete terms, that is, they share their lived experiences. This is how they communicate to others their spiritual life, which is based on loving God with all their heart.

Below are some examples of experiences of life from children in various parts of the world who have grasped the “heart” of the spirituality of unity summarized by Chiara Lubich in this brief sentence:

“Love, Love, Love always. At the end of each day be able to say: I have always loved.” (C.Lubich, in the Gen 4 magazine, October 1978)