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“Living the Word” fits very well into the gen4 formation process, which wants to be not only a simple theoretical transmission of contents, but concrete experimentation of values, sharing of experiences that support and enrich the reflection.

The “Word of life” is a widespread practice since the very beginning of the Focolare Movement: to deepen each month a sentence from the Bible to live in communion with the whole community, exchanging lived experiences, to re-evangelize ourselves, “to be another Jesus on earth”.

It’s the same goal for young and old.

“Dearest Gen4, live the Word of Life and others will see another Jesus in you”. (C.Lubich, in Gen4, n. 1-2 January-February 1987, p.5)

To help children grasp the heart of the phrases of Scripture, the Word of Life is proposed to them enriched with drawings and it is accompanied by an illustrated experience to help them to live the Gospel in everyday life.

They are small facts, which in their immediacy and simplicity, can often help even adults to understand how to translate the Words of the Gospel into life and to be a contribution to the new evangelization.

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